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What makes a good aso strategy

With the explosion of the app market’s apps and with competitive marketplaces like google play store and app store, flooding with thousands of new apps every month. Indeed, your app needs app store optimization services and a good aso strategy to get the visibility and popularity you desire. Without a best aso strategy, you might find it challenging to improve your app’s performance. It’s like moving without a goal.

Aso strategy is a subset of broader app store optimization services and growth strategy, which helps in increasing the app’s visibility by entailing three main things together.

App store optimization services

This includes a group of techniques and services used by the aso team for marketing your app. The aso team mainly focuses on two main subdivisions like

  • Keyword analysis: which means researching, analyzing, and selecting the best keywords for your app, which ultimately leads to ranking high in-app search.
  • Conversion rate optimization: it means optimizing your app at its best so that the users who visit your app page get convinced and download your app. The rate at which this conversion happens is called conversion rate.

Aso performance measurement: along with good app store optimization services, keeping track of their performance is an important part of aso strategy. It helps in the overall growth of mobile performance and stability.

Here we give a few points to take care of while planning your aso strategy.

  1. Always understand your target users.

The most crucial part of aso strategy is getting to know your target audience. Knowing your target audience and tailoring your aso marketing strategy and app store optimization services accordingly is the first step for a winning strategy.

Create a target profile once you get to know your target audience. This profile should consist of details like age, gender, education, socio-economic and geographical level, local preferences, etc. these all play a massive role in your app’s conversion rates.

  1. Focusing more on keyword optimization is not the only way of getting conversions:

Many top aso companies focus on keyword optimization and think that is the only app store optimization service that increases the app’s visibility at its maximum.

We’re not here to objectify that, but creative visuals also play a huge role in the app’s visibility. When customers search for your app and find it, creative and store visuals are the significant factors that drive impressions for him to download it. With this, you get good conversion rates and tap through rates, which increases your app’s ranking in-app store.

In an analysis, it is proved that creative app store visuals help in boosting conversion rates up to 11-40%. We conclude that aso strategy should be the right combination of app store optimization and keyword optimization.

  1. Aso strategy is a circle of data:

The most crucial step while optimizing your app is a/b testing/hypothesis. A good hypothesis includes experimenting and proving the most appealing visuals for a customer and identifying the app’s strengths and weaknesses. The first step for the hypothesis is risking the wasting of resources on the unpredicted result. With that proven fact, you are later optimizing the app accordingly. If it proves to be successful, you develop new methods and focus more on that feature. Or creating a new strategy.

It is always a trial and error method.

Aso strategy is like a cycle of data; with the starting point of data, you improve and make it better. If it doesn’t produce any successful results, you come up with a new strategy.


App store optimization services are like the heart of app marketing. Without them, there is no success, but a best aso service is also crucial for implementing the app store optimization services in a proper guided way. 

A good aso strategy can change the face of your business.


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