With competition increasing in the app market every minute, standing out of the crowd is challenging in today’s app store. But with the right aso services and aso strategy, you can never go wrong. 

With 5 million apps in the market, the ios app store holds nearly 2.3 million apps standing in second place. Revenue from the app store is estimated to reach up to 190 billion USD if it becomes a huge success. 

With such a profitable business and a winning concept app in your hand, you surely do not want to lose the opportunity to lose your app, among others. 

Launching the app in both the major app stores can be considered a good move until you have an excellent aso team with you who know precisely how to work with both the app stores.

Here we give an overview of app store optimisation ios and how it works:

  • App page visuals optimisation ios :  

Coming to the app title, iOS helps you use up to 30 characters and 100 characters in a short description. While keywords used in the title play as a second most influential influencing factor after the title, it doesn’t give much importance to the keywords used in long descriptions like google play store.  

When you search for an app, only the app title and the subtitle are varying from android apps. It’s essential to use the keywords in the subtitle in the iOS store rather than the long description.  

When considering the screenshots and app icon, understand that they appear in the search results when a customer searches for the app. So, using creative screenshots help you get more conversion rates.  

  • User acquisition:  

Getting more downloads is also a ranking factor in the ios app store like google play store, but that’s not it; even if you have a good number of downloads, if the user is not using the app, it sends a negative response to the app store. It shows that the user is not satisfied with the product. This ultimately affects your ranking. Therefore, it always suggested acquiring only rightful customers who want to use your app and keep updating the app for more user engagement. 


Here are few tips while best app store optimisation ios for on metadata factors:

  1. Apple rejects the app when it finds any vulgar or foul language used in the app description or any new updates it has given.
  2. You’re not allowed to use the word “free” in-app store optimisation ios because the apple store algorithm sometimes rejects the app.
  3. Promoting the in-app purchases in the iOS app doubles the visibility. With this feature, it helps your app get more chances of discoverability.  
  4. Avoid targeting your competitors in any manner in the description section.
  5. The redundancy of keywords in the indexed space is like misusing an opportunity to get more visibility in ios. 


Understand that in any app store, you need to concentrate on making the users happy, and your app page is the reflection of what your users are looking for. Aso is an evolution process and constantly requires effort to stand ahead of others.


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