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A Millionaire Way on Quora

Once a student asked an entrepreneur, “How to write some of the best contents on Quora?”, and “How do I get more free Quora Upvotes?”

He posted saying,

Imagine you’re doing a presentation about your company’s new product and as you presented it, people loved it completely and stood up to applaud and show their appreciation. Some even came to you directly to know more, some connected with you for further ventures. It went great all together. So How do you feel about it? good isn’t. 

The same is Quora, it’s a platform for you to present your idea in a much cliche way and if people like your idea they show their appreciation through free quora upvotes, some might even follow you, some connect with you and some get in engagement with you. 

What distinctly changes Quora’s user experience is It’s free Quora upvotes service. You even can give upvotes to any post you feel worthy, and people give upvotes to you if they find your content worthy. The Upvote depends on content quality and approach. If you want to make your presence stronger in Quora, “keep asking what’s important here?”

So now let’s decode the Imagination part above, 


  • Presentation


How to write the best content on Quora ?, he answered, “The best way to learn what to say is to first listen to them ”

  • If we understand what people really need out of our content, the way we write on Quora becomes something more value-adding. 
  • Make sure your content gives either information or solution or value or make readers take action. 


  • Company’s new product 


Product here is your Ideas/knowledge and that’s how Readers recognise you. The idea and the way it’s presented is what stands as unique amongst hundreds of answers on Quora.

Next time when you think of an idea, answer these 3 questions,

  • How did I get the idea in the first place (make users feel that you are researching this topic for a long time, sets authority)
  • How is it important (answers why they need to listen/read)
  • How to implement or make this more powerful (answers why they should take action immediately)


  • People loved it


We like what is unique. When you write on Quora, make sure that the content is unique and shows expertise. Uniqueness attracts readers and expertise establishes your content well. 

Next time when you write on Quora, Check whether your content is unique than others and shows expertise.


  • stood up to applaud and show their appreciation


Here appreciation is upvoting. When you’ve presented your idea in the best possible way and if readers like it, they show their acceptance and appreciation through upvoting the post. Remember it happens if you’re aware of the first 3 things.


  • Came to you to know more and some connected with you


If people like your content’s uniqueness and approach, they follow your profile to know more about your work. They connect with you and this creates engagement. This cycle helps you have more viewers, followers and upvotes. This is a motivating factor to write more.

The Millionaire way on Quora is “We become powerful when we understand how valuable each of us is.”

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