BuzzMeOne money earning apps WHY ARE MONEY EARN APPS SO POPULAR?


You must have heard about apps that claim to give free mobile recharge, talktime and daily cashes. Although most of them are fake and just waste your time. But some of them really give free mobile recharge, talktime and cash as well.

How does money earning apps work?

This is all regarding affiliate networking. Apps into play due to the demand of the product / service promotion for various industries.

Technique is simple:

1.Download the App.

2.Register yourself to get an instant initial wallet amount.

3.Install the Apps and avail tremendous offers listed there.

4.Keep it installed for a few days.

5.Amount reflects into your wallet.

6.That wallet amount you may use for doing Free recharge – DTH, DataCard, Mobile recharge and cashes etc.

Now these days money making is the most vital thing in every aspect in order to lead a respectful life:

If you’re really into playing games and completing tasks, then the apps which provide tasks are the best apps for you. Get a chance to win free unlimited Paytm cash and recharge money, by solving quizzes daily and installing apps. You can transfer the money you get, into accounts like PayTM. You can even earn money through referrals as you share apps to your friend to friend then you will get some coupons as well.This type of money earning apps give you a chance to earn more and more money everyday.

If you love doing tasks then go for the money earn apps with tasks and on these cool apps you have to complete some tasks to earn money,Task will be either try New Apps or Visit a website. Furthermore, You will get paid for accomplishing these simple tasks. You can use them for free mobile talktime and Data recharges,free Paytm cash ,free postpaid mobile bill payments, money.To earn more money you can even invite your friends and complete special daily tasks.


There are so many scam offers and apps that attract you to earn money on the internet. However, not all need to be ignored. There are a few apps that really help you to make money.These apps are available for iOS and Android, these free apps add money to your linked PayTm or Google wallet for uploading meal receipts. Moreover, for each receipt, the apps add some rupees to the wallet. You also earn reliable points for each receipt. The money earn apps can be used to play games where you can win prizes. 

These types of free money earn apps combine a keyboard with focussed ad platform for various brands. Once you install the app, it sends you push notifications to view ads. Once you open an app you can get some money directly into your account.These apps are linked to your PayTm wallets where you can redeem the cash which is earned via the app later.


I opine that they should at least be discussed. To me, “money earning” is the process of doing some kind of work, and regular tasks making new money appear from money earning app appear in your bank account which you can easily debit. So, you can spend

your free time on accomplishing tasks and get money and free recharges as well so what are you waiting for?

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