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How To Make More Money Earning Apps By Doing Less

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“Ever since I began my careers in therapeutic massage, energy- and bodywork, several years ago, I’ve needed to bring a CD or MP3 player, an amplifier (of some sort) and a clock with me, anytime an outcall appointment came up, and would often have to bring a small pillow, as well, to isolate the clock’s ticking sound from whatever surface it was on money earning apps

money earning apps

money earning apps

With this app and an iPhone, however, all I have to do is put the phone on Airplane mode, select the background music I want for the session, switch to this app, and lean the phone on the nearest table, and I’m good to go! And really, how does it get any better than that?  :^) !”

Best app ever, and overall its got it all.  1st thing that I would like for the developers to implement  is a way to take a survey or write a review to remove ads instead of buying it.  This way people can help the developers put and get a reward because the ads can get really annoying.  Anyone the doesn’t want to write a review can simply purchase the full feature.  2nd they should add a new feature for a timer for listening to music.  I listen to music at night and I think it would be better to add a timer.  Overall great app and hope my review can do something.

I’ve struggled my whole life with ADHD and the associated symptoms.  This app makes getting things down enough of a game to draw you in.  Then once you get that mini dopamine hit from the first “reward” it’s much easier to keep going.  It’s also great for helping you prioritize.  As someone with ADD, I get easily sidetracked with other things that also need to be done, and wind up forgetting the things that need to be done first.  Carrot helps me remember, oh yeah.  I need to do the thing son the list first.  I can add this thing to it.  Such a great gamified app!

“I downloaded this app after other attempts of time management apps required me to sign in to use. Sign in for what?!  I just want to have a livable clean house to invite guests to relax and enjoy, without their need to move dirty underwear off the couch with an empty paper towel tube, before sitting down.  So I already had other Carrot apps,

 I figured, “”What could go wrong?”” Two hours later, the dirty dishes are still stacked in the sink, the dirty laundry is still in the hamper (most of it) and the living room is still messy.  I’ve wasted two hours pulling down the screen, typing “”m””….””Done”” and swiping them away, one by one, just to get to the next level…and next level…and next level.  I’m on Level 60.  I haven’t figured out what I’m doing wrong, but I tried typing, “”Carrot I’m bored””, and I got a message “”Command not recognized”” (I do not have fat fingers, by the way…they’re a bit chubby. For more information visit 

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