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Hi everybody,

after a long month of studying. I realised something important, I had to learn a lot of marketing terms. How nice it is, that I can throw around some terms and theories, that I learned,  to impress people who know something about Marketing.

But after a meeting for my new internship next year. I knew something was missing and I had to fill up the blank spots. Say for instance Image Building: I know what the term means, but how am I going to Mark It and Fill It up with creative ideas. So I got a new theory: It’s called Bad Planning:


  1. Draw up a marketing plan
  2. Now get some creative ideas in it
  3. Then put the terms on it.

When you have to sell your product to other people (maybe impress them in the progress):

  1. Say the terms
  2. Then put the creative ideas with it
  3. Then show them the entire marketing plan.

It’s not reverse psychology that I’m preaching, it’s easier for marketing people as well as management people to understand the terms with your ideas right next to it.

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