Catching the mainstream or searching for the niche?

One of the biggest questions you need to ask before you start your company :”am I going to be a competitor or an innovator”. Most people think that they can do both, I think you can’t be an innovative competitor.

Or you do something that is all ready done but you do it in a different way. Like my social media image/brand building or you just make a good Facebook website for a company. Then you are kind of an innovative competitor.

Being innovative is doing something that hasn’t been done before or is doing something in an entirely new way.

I’ll give you an example which everybody can relate to:

  • Being a competitor: is going to a meeting in a suite
  • Being a competitive innovator: is like saying going to a meeting in a suite but without a tie
  • Being an innovator: is not dressing up at all.

The idea of being the competitive innovator will be picked up by the rest very fast and it becomes like a trend so everybody will be a competitor again in the end.

It’s like the second part of my business idea: executive business trips combined with unique pleasure and taste moments. It’s real niche market. Nobody else is doing it: everybody is doing this: “how to save money on your trip”. My slogan is spend money to earn money. It’s an investment. People tell me I’m crazy that there isn’t a market for it.

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