Facts you need to know about car colors

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to choosing their car colours. So far there have been researchers in the popular car colour. These research shows each state has their own favorable color preference about cars and so certain genders and age groups have their own specific preferences. There has also been research which shows which car colours are most likely to get into collision. So this article is going to be all about that. So keep reading this article if you want to know more about car facts. 

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Which are the car colors which are most likely to be in a collision? 

There is much research which has shown that car color and safety are related. It is related because colours have a huge impact on visibility. Mostly the dark car colours are at a higher risk of accident than the lighter color. Grey, charcoal and black are the three colours which tops the list

Which car colours are safest? 

Green holds the record of the safest car color in Australia.It has the lowest number of accident records. It does not mean that you have to buy green cars only. All this research data is a reflection of the driver and stats only says that it has been involved in the least number of collisions. 

Which car colours are most popular in Australia? 

In Australia white is the most popular colour. Almost 30% australian buy white colored cars. There are several advantages of buying this color car, that is it is clearly visible, it has a higher resale value and this colour is always highly available with the manufacturer. After white there are popular colours which Aussies like that are silver, blue, black, grey and red. 

What are different car color preferences in different states? 

Tasminia has the percentage of white car and it is more than the state average that is 33.80% 

In other states black cars are popular. In Victoria 12.24% of the people have black cars. Almost 10.43% people have black cars across Australia. 

Blue are very popular in ACT but not in other states. 

3.68% also have green in Tasmania, so green colour is slightly popular over there. 

What are the likes of different age groups and gender? 

Gender and age groups do play little role but it is not conclusive as all the data of the research is based on gender and age group. It is certain that some colours are more like a certain gender or age group but that is a general overview of the statistics. In particular color perspective can be different for the same gender and age color. So whichever you like the best, you can buy that color. 

Just like people get their car insured under a best car insurance and take their car for servicing . Just like that, knowing that few car colours can provide you with higher safety can help you make an informed decision next time you buy a car. 


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